Mira custom tailored training suits.

Our all weather training wear is made of the most valuable and durable Action Saling and Action Light fabrics.
The water- and windproof racing wear with fully sealed seams ensures comfortability and protection even in the most harsh weather conditions.
Together with our vadding options, this training wear provides the best protection against cold wind, water, snow and below zero temperetures.

Working jacket, short, all weather & winter

SKU: 207AW + 207W

Working jacket, long, All weather & winter

SKU: 208AW + 208W

Working jacket, rain

SKU: 207R

Working vest

SKU: 207B

Working jacket, mid-season

“Lahdekorpi” model
SKU: 207SL + 207AW

Working trousers, All weather & winter

SKU: 209AW + 209W

Working trousers, summer

SKU: 209S

Working jacket, summer

SKU: 207SL

Working overall

SKU: 205

Rain trousers, Pull-on, low waist

SKU: 203RN

Rain trousers, Pull-on, high waist

SKU: 203RH

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