1. How will I find out the price for my custom-made product?

MIRA custom clothing has a basic price that is not affected by the amount of colors. The basic price is determined by the type of clothing, for example, a summer jacket has its own price. Any embroidery such as sponsor logos, sleeve initials, stars, etc. will increase the price of the product as well as any other additional work such as zip-off sleeves. For this reason, you should always send a message to our customer service mira@mira.fi, where you will receive a quote for your suit. Remember to let MIRA know for what season you want your clothes to be, what details you want for your clothes and send a picture of your current garment so that the exact price can be given.

2. I just received my new custom-made garment but has some fitting problems?

MIRA always wants to serve its customers in the best possible way. Our goal is to have a 100% satisfied customer. If a custom-made suit has problems with the fit, we always want to know about it. Please send photos of you wearing the product to mira@mira.fi. This will help our skilled pattern-makers figure out how much alterations the garment needs. Ask your retailer to return the suit to MIRA and we will fix it to the right size without any delay.

If the suit is ordered in standard size and not custom size, we will charge you 40 € / hour for the modification

If the received suit is defective because of a manufacturing mistake by MIRA, please contact the retailer from whom you ordered the suit. The suit should be returned to MIRA where we will correct our mistake.

3. I broke my suit, what should I do?

MIRA clothing is designed to be durable and therefore it is made from the best possible materials. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the suit you just received breaks as a result of an accident. In this case, it is possible to send the suit back to MIRA, where we will repair it using the original materials. The hourly rate for repairs is 40 € / hour.

4. My old suit is still wearable but my personal sponsor changes. Is it possible to change logos to the old suit?

MIRA will exchange your logos without a problem! Send us the new sponsor logo in jpg. or pdf. file and we will make the logo embroidery program. Please return your old suit to us with instructions on which logos to remove or cover and where to place the new logos.
Please note that we charge for embroidery programming cost and the embroidery work for sponsor logos. If we have to take off old logos, we will charge an hourly rate of 40 € / hour.