Terms of delivery


As of 5 September 2019, the payment transaction of our online store has been handled by Klarna Bank AB’s “Klarna Checkout” service. We also use Paypal and for corporate customers we offer an invoice as a method of payment.

The payment options offered by Klarna are displayed in the Klarna Checkout service. The payment options currently available at Klarna Checkout are invoice, overdraft, card payment, or direct bank transfer. After the customer enters the payment information into the Checkout service, the payment methods that are possible for the customer remain. If the customer does not enter the personal identity number in the system, then only card payment and online banking payment are possible.

Online banking payments

It is possible for the customer to pay in the online banking of the following banks: S-bank, Aktia, Danske Bank, Osuuspankki, Nordea and Säästöpankki. The customer’s bank may require separate authentication in the online bank with online banking IDs.

Card payments

It is possible for the customer to pay with debit and credit cards of all Finnish banks. We accept all Visa and Mastercard credit cards. In connection with the card payment, the customer must provide the card number, the card’s expiry date, CVC code, and when paying with some cards, also the 3D secure code. In addition, the customer’s bank may require separate authentication in online banking with online banking IDs. Please also make sure that you have activated the online payment feature of your card in your online bank before making the payment.

Visa Electron

You can also pay with a Visa Electron card if you have activated the online payment feature of your Electron card in your online bank. When you place an order, you will be directed to your bank’s secure verification service, where your purchases will be verified with online banking credentials (Verified by Visa).


We offer the possibility to pay for purchases by invoice or flexibly in several installments. If the customer chooses the invoice as the payment method, it will be sent to the customer by e-mail at the same time as the order leaves our warehouse. The payment period for the invoice is 14 days from the dispatch of the order. There is no additional charge for the invoice as a method of payment. If payment is delayed, a reminder fee of five (5) euros and default interest will be added to the invoice.

Installment payment

The invoice can also be paid in 3-36 month installments. The invoice can also be paid at your own pace, in which case the customer can decide the amount to be paid monthly (however, at least nine (9) euros). The monthly cost is known, as is when the full amount was paid. In addition, all purchases that are paid at your own pace with a flexible installment payment are combined into a convenient monthly invoice. The monthly invoice gives you a good overview of your own situation and everything can be paid with only one invoicing fee.

Payment methods for companies:

For domestic companies, Klarna offers the opportunity to pay by card, online banking and invoice. Please note that when ordering by invoice, the order must be placed at the address where the company is registered, ie the billing and delivery address must be the same. For foreign companies, Mira only offers the opportunity to decline. For more information on the terms of corporate payments, contact Klarna Customer Service.

If you have any questions regarding the payment of orders, please contact Klarna’s customer service:

Tel. 09 425 99 771 (free of charge)

You can also do business with Klarna on their website via the chat service: https://www.klarna.com/fi/support.

Klarna’s customer service is open on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm.

Payment transactions are handled by: Klarna Bank AB (556737-0431), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, telephone number: +46 8 120 120 00, fax: +46 8 120 120 99, e-mail address: customers@klarna.fi. Klarna Bank AB is a Swedish bank authorized to provide services to credit institutions and is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen). Information on Klarna’s registration in the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s register and in which countries Klarna is entitled to provide its services is available on the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s website.

Payment terms are automatically found in Klarna Checkout for the customer at the payment stage.


Delivery to the EU

Mira offers free delivery for all domestic and foreign e-commerce orders over € 100 delivered via Post, Postnord or GLS. In addition to free delivery, the customer has the option of € 45 express delivery via DHL. DHL will deliver the package directly to your home address.
All e-commerce orders are shipped either on the same or the next business day, excluding customized orders (including embroidery). Please note that Mira will ship from our warehouse on weekdays from 8 am to 3:30 pm (GMT +2). Even if the express delivery is redeemed during the weekend, the package will not leave Mira until the next working day, excluding public holidays. In Finland, public holidays related to deliveries are New Year’s Day 1.1, Epiphany 6.1, Good Friday, First and Second Easter Day, May Day 1.5, Maundy Thursday, Midsummer Eve, Independence Day 6.12 and Christmas 24.12-26.12.

Mira will ship e-commerce orders (excluding custom orders) from its warehouse in Turku on the order day, if the order has arrived before 12 noon (GMT +2), or no later than the next business day. The normal delivery time for e-commerce orders in the EU is approximately 1-14 business days, including the Shipment Date, and the estimated delivery time by Postnord or GLS. The time of shipment is affected by the destination of the shipment, as well as the possible processing time at customs. Please note that items ordered for customization (such as embroidery) will not be shipped until 1-2 days after ordering.

After you submit your order, you will receive an email confirmation from the courier that includes the package tracking code. The tracking code allows you to track the progress of the package on the courier’s website.

NOTE! Parcels delivered to mail pick-up points are retained for only 7 days, after which undelivered parcels are sent back to Mira. Please note that failure to pick up the package does not constitute a refund. Please read more about our return policy.

Sold out products with your order

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that you manage to order products that for some reason (e.g. incorrect Stock Status) have run out of our stock, even though the online store seems to find the product in stock. We will notify you by e-mail and at the same time offer you a replacement product, if any, or alternatively you can enter your account number, to which we will refund the amount you paid.


A custom-made garment is paid to the party from whom the order is placed. If you order custom-made clothing from our retailer, you agree to the price and payment terms provided by them. If the order is placed directly through our customer service mira@mira.fi, you accept Mira’s payment and delivery terms.

Private customers

It is not yet possible to order or pay for custom-made clothing in our online store, but we always send an invoice for custom-made clothing. We require our private customers to pay in advance for all orders, in which case the product will be manufactured and delivered only after payment has been made. The pre-invoice will be delivered to the customer by e-mail. If the invoice is not paid within a reasonable time, it will be removed from our system and the order will be considered canceled. Please note that we will only start production after paying the pre-invoice. It is possible to pay the invoice in installments and it is possible to have a payment period for it. Please contact our customer service mira@mira.fi if you need more payment time for your invoice.

Please note that once the model image has been approved, the order is binding and the order for the custom-made garment cannot be completely canceled afterwards. Please note that Mira has the right to charge the customer for material and labor costs incurred before canceling the order. For example, if an order is canceled after the model image has been drawn, Mira has the right to charge the customer for the time spent drawing the model image.

Sponsored customers

The invoice is distributed among the payers to our customers who have sponsors sharing the cost of the custom clothing. Mira must then be informed of the content of the sponsorship agreement regarding custom-made clothing at the ordering stage. If the entire claim is invoiced to the companies, we will not pre-invoice the customer. Sponsors will generally receive an invoice when the garment is completed and delivered to the customer. For companies, the invoice has a payment period of 14 days.

Business customers

For business customers we also offer the possibility to pay for purchases by invoice for e-commerce orders and custom-made manufacturing. Always ask for an offer for larger order quantities from our customer service mira@mira.fi.


As a general rule, we always notify the customer of the completion of a custom-made product and arrange delivery with the customer if he has not already instructed the delivery at the ordering stage. In Finland, Mira mainly uses the services of Posti and GLS to deliver custom-made clothing, in which case it is possible to deliver the order in 1-4 days. The price of a domestic package depends on the size of the package, but the minimum delivery cost is € 10. For private customers, the delivery cost to the home country is generally € 25. For our corporate customers who order large quantities of products at once, the delivery costs to the home country can be a maximum of € 35. For domestic express deliveries, we use the Posti Express package.

It is also possible to deliver custom-made clothing to races in Southern Finland free of charge. We send weekly packages e.g. Vermo, Pori, Tampere and Lahti, where you can pick up your own package from the check-in point during the races. If you want delivery to certain races, please contact our customer service.